Seismic Data Processing

The trend of seismic data processing develops with the needs of oil/gas exploration and exploitation. The innovation of geophysical exploration theory and method is the only correct approach to resolve the world’s common problems to be encountered in the future. These problems in general are:

  • Seismic acquisition & processing in mountainous areas with terrain relief up to several kilometers and the most potential reserves of petroleum resource, which turn to be greatly challenging to future geophysical technologies.
  • The subsurface complexities, which make acquisition more difficult. The conventional geophysical theories and methods are insufficient to meet the requirement of oil and gas exploration in these complicated areas.
  • New challenges to seismic data processing promoted by subsequent researches: high resolution, high signal to noise ratio, true migration positioning and accurate velocity field.
  • New theories and methods to be needed, as the premises and assumptions of traditional geophysics theory become untenable in more and more cases.

The development trend of seismic data processing can be summarized as follow:

  • From conventional processing to target processing.
  • From post-stack processing to pre-stack processing.
  • From time domain processing to depth domain processing.
  • From P-wave processing to multi-wave processing.

Specifically, a large number of technologies need to develop to solve various difficult problems, and push forward seismic data processing to better meet the requirements of petroleum exploration and exploitation. Of these technologies, more urgent and important may we list are: statics correction of complex surface, anisotropic medium velocity analysis, anisotropic medium stacking, anisotropic medium migration, true surface migration, frequency absorption and compensation, etc.

After tens of years of research and practice, LandOcean developed a series of software products as efficient solutions of the above issues. Great results have achieved during practical application in many oil fields and institutions all around the world.

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