EPOffice SeisTalk


Advanced Seismic Data Interpretation Software

SeisTalk is a new product of LandOcean developed on the unified EPoffice platform after several years of
research and development
SeisTalk software provides users with a complete structural interpretation solution. With this software,users can quickly and efficiently complete fine structural interpretation, velocity modeling, time-depth conversion, paleo-structure recovery or produce geologic maps such as structural map, sedimentary facies map , sands ratio map, thickness map and attributes maps.

  • Geological symbols of industry standard
  • Horizon auto-picking and interactive interpretation in 3D seismic volume
  • Structural interpretation in depth domain
  • Reverse faults interpretation and mapping
  • Structural mapping with Krigin velocity modeling
  • Joint mapping and interpretation of multiple surveys
  • Cooperative interpretation by multiple users
  • Abundant drawing tools and graphic elements
  • Statistical data analysis of well location on plans
  • Convenient section display and layers/faults modify
  • Powerful and efficient 3D display
  • Diverse and flexible fault plane interpretation tool
  • epoffice_seistalk1


    Fine Structural Interpretation: fine structural imaging with krigin velocity model


    Reverse Fault Interpretation´╝Üone-step interpretation and mapping


    Abundant utilities, easily solve geological problems


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