EPOffice LandMod


Geological Analysis & Reservoir Modeling

LandMod is a new product of LandOcean developed on the unified EPoffice platform after several
years of research and development

LandMod is the next-generation geological modeling software that can build detailed earth models by incorporating data interpretations from wells, horizons, faults, logs, and seismic.Advanced algorithms are developed to fast generate highly accurate corner-point grids. Models with massive amount of cells and complex faults are supported; various inter-layer contact relationships and depositional patterns are considered; multiple geostatistical algorithms are embedded for layer- and facies- controlled property modeling. Upscaling and exporting to commercial reservoir simulators are provided. LandMod features a super fast, clearly defined, highly automated, and user-friendly geological modeling workflow.

  • Supports various inter-layer contact relationships and depositional patterns
  • Supports models with massive amount of cells
  • Advanced gridding algorithm to ensure grid uniformity and orthogonality
  • Supports facies controlled property modeling
  • Supports parallel computing in property modeling using various geostatistical methods
  • Automated fitting of variogram parameters
  • Fast calculation of reservoir volumes
  • Provides geometrical and petrophysical model upscaling
  • Supports 3D, areal and cross-sectional view and model diagnosis
  • Supports structured and unstructured grid systems

    Corner-Point Grid to Represent Complex Structure


    Facies Modeling


    Facies modeling based on facies map or log interpretations.


    Flow-based upscaling to preserve geological feathers

    Reserve estimation based on volumetric calculation

    Quality control and 3D Visualization/strong>
    Property Modeling

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