EPOffice Image+


Fast Reservoir Imaging and Analysis

EPoffice Image+ is a new product developed on the EPoffice platform based on the original
FRSfracture software

With high-resolution time-frequency spectra derived from optimum matching pursuit wavelet transform, sparse decomposition and 3-parameter wavelet transform, the volumes including power and phase spectra of discrete frequencies, tuning power,tuning phase and tuning frequency, are calculated for sedimentary facies analysis and reservoir prediction. Further, seismic attributes of a variety of aspects such as energy, attenuation, frequency and instantaneous spectra can be obtained for reservoir characterization and fluid detection as well. This workflow provides a quick and efficient solution to reservoir imaging and fluid detection.

  • Different high resolution time-frequency analysis algorithms involved
  • High performance calculation based on multi-core paralleling
  • Forward modeling analysis and reservoir identification at well sites
  • Quick imaging of geometrical extension and heterogeneity of reservoirs
  • Direct hydrocarbon detection using sensitive seismic attributes EPoffice
    Firstly spectra modeling and reservoir identification at well sites are implemented to determine the characteristic response of the reservoir; then seismic instantaneous spectrum analysis based on wavelet transform is performed to image reservoir geometry and detect reservoir discontinuity; and finally seismic attenuation low-frequency energy fluctuation feature, or other frequency-dependent attribute is measured for direct hydrocarbon detection.

    The solutions to imaging various sorts of reservoirs using EPoffice Image+

    Quick reservoir identification & imaging
    Over large 3-D surveys, the analysis of sedimentary facies and lateral reservoir extension can be quickly implemented using power spectra of discrete frequencies, tuning power and tuning frequency.

    Hydrocarbon detection using sensitive attributes
    Hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs result in more attenuation, and frequency vs. offset (FVO) behavior based on multiple signal classification is a good measurement of seismic attenuation,so a sensitive indicator or hydrocarbon occurrence.

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