EPOffice GeoTalk


GeoTalk is a new product of LandOcean developed on the unified EPoffice platform after several years of
research and development

GeoTalk is an integrated interpretation and mapping software applicable for single-well comprehensive information, well-tie geological section, reservoir section and sedimentary facies section by using geological and logging data and combined with the results of seismic structural interpretation. It is used to reveal the distribution rules of regional geology and fine reservoir description. The well seismic-correlation, one of the characteristic techniques, has greatly enhanced the reliability of interpretation results, which can be directly used in the other software of EPoffice, such as reservoir prediction, reservoir modeling and numerical simulation.

  • Multi-well stratigraphic correlation, establishment of well- tie stratigraphic section
  • Multi-well reservoir correlation,establishment of the reservoir section
  • Multi-well sedimentary faciesinterpretation
  • Small layer automatical connection
  • Pinch-out / transition mode can be edited
  • Section flattening by stratigraphic/altitude
  • Seismic-constraint interactive interpretation
  • Industry standard geological symbol library(English and Chinese)
  • CGM graphics output
  • Seamless connectivity with other EPoffice software

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