Digital Seismic Lab

System Overview
SIMO3D is a software which uses a numerical method to simulate the entire processing sequences of seismic exploration. It includes a series of functional modules, such as geological and parameter modeling, rock physical model analysis, acquisition geometry design and analysis, seismic forward modeling and seismic data analysis. This software adopts two kinds of parallel computing modes and can be run both on PC Cluster and GPU Cluster which can largely improve computing efficiency.

System Function

  • 3D geological and parameter modeling technique: Automatic structure of 3D strata surface by 3D thin-plate spline interpolation and high precision limited Delaunay triangulation algorithm, surface cutting and closure, and 3D block automatic tracing.
  • ACP bin analysis of converted wave.
  • 3D seismic wave equation modeling in various media (acoustic, full acoustic and elastic): high computing performance based on CPU/GPU co-parallel.


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