Seismic Data Processing System

System Overview
LD-DPSeis is a seismic data processing system, running on GPU/CPU co-parallel architecture. It integrates the functions of LD-DPS process, LD-NCI process, LD-DEPS migration and LD-VDPS process. It includes the packages of basic seismic data processing, SAGA statics, prestack time migration, prestack depth migration, reverse time migration and multi-component processing etc. LD-DPSeis has a complete Marine/Land seismic data processing functions and forms a solution aiming at complex geological and geophysical problems.
System Function

  • Noise elimination by high fidelity space vector de-composition noise prediction and signal array modeling in frequency domain which can effectively eliminate the linear/nonlinear noises.

  • MCCNA multiple removal by wavefield separation is used to remove full-way/interbed multiples.
  • SAGA long/short wavelength statics is used to solve the statics in all kinds of complex surface/near surface conditions.
  • Broadband constraint wavelet deconvolution can get a better deconvolution result for low S/N ratio data.
  • Interval velocity ray tracing NMO: can improve the NMO precision for the data with long offset.
  • Horizon-controlled velocity analysis: Guide velocity interpolation/extrapolation can be done under the control of reflection horizons to get more geologically reasonable velocity field.
  • Anisotropic prestack time migration/depth migration/reverse time migration: based on GPU/CPU co-parallel architecture, higher imaging precision and computing efficiency.
  • Multi-component processing: include horizontal component wavefield separation, ACP gather sorting, converted wave anisotropic velocity analysis and converted wave migration etc.

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